- Introducing Meramak’s Medical Billing Gateway -

Patient payments are the fastest growing portion of a providers’ revenue stream and have the lowest collection rates. Up to 50% of the patient payments are written off as bad debt. Meramak’s Medical Billing Gateway focuses on patient payments at the point of care.

The Medical Billing Gateway calculates the patient’s responsibility at the time of the visit and allows you to receive authorization from the patient (credit or debit cards) for payment before they leave the office. Once the provider remittance advice is received from the third party payer, you can simply settle the patient payment on the credit or debit card provided at the time of the patient visit. You no longer need to send patient statements weeks after the visit.


  • Reduce Accounts Receivable
  • Reduce Bad Debt Write-Offs
  • Reduce Cost of Collections
  • Increase Cash Flow

The Revenue Maximizer Powered By Meramak

Meramak and its healthcare technology Partner, has a solution that lets you determine your patients' health plan eligibility and calculate patient liability in real-time, on your own computer via the Internet. Then, using the same system, process payments from patients by credit card, debit card or check electronically.