Agent Bank Programs

Meramak Bankcard is a registered Member Service Provider and Independent Sales Organization through Wells Fargo Bank. We, in conjunction with our Processors, support over 50,000 merchants nationwide. Meramak has a hands-on approach to credit card processing/ that means personalized support for both you and your customers. The benefits of this type of program are a higher standard of customer service for you and your customers!

Meramak enters each new agent bank relationship without pre-conceived ideas. We understand that you will have specific requirements for this type of program and we are prepared to work together to make your expectations a reality. Aspects as diverse as a primary versus a secondary source relationship, portfolio conversion, marketing, pricing, contractual versus non-contractual arrangements, risk and liability will have to be addressed and finalized in detail. Our goal is to make your current customer base satisfied and profitable and, perhaps, to offer additional services that you were unable to provide before.

Portfolio conversion and marketing is an issue often of concern upon entering into a relationship. You will increase your merchant portfolio much faster than by traditional unsolicited accounts if you market you existing DDA customers. Meramak also has access to a full service technical department to assist in conversion and reprogramming of your existing merchants if that is of interest.

Risk is another key aspect to any agent bank relationship and with our program you bear no financial liability for you merchant base. Although risk reviews and situations do arise, they are rare and are handled in a timely and professional manner.

As the agent bank, you have full control over the pricing on the merchant agreement. You set ll pricing fees and can adjust any of them as you like in order to provide a a degree of customer satisfaction and uniformity. Meramak can do as much or as little of the work as you like. I will depend on how you want to structure the relationship. Meramak will work with you to custom design a program.

As you proceed with this proposal, you will find more detailed information on pricing, underwriting and there services we can offer you and your customers. If you are interested and would like more information regarding Agent Bank Programs, please don’t hesitate to contact either Mr. Leo Tocci at 800-505-3010 or Mr. Terence Ward at 800-597-3140 x 202 or fill out the form below:

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