- Welcome To Meramak -

Meramak is an established leader in the merchant services industry. As a registered ISO, our affiliations with large financial partners and processors allow us to offer new and exciting programs while maintaining competitive pricing and exceptional customer satisfaction. Founded in 1992, Meramak has maintained an outstanding track record of offering groundbreaking products, services and technology to market. Experience and expertise has helped Meramak remain at the forefront of the merchant service industry.

Meramak believes in the promise and value of American business in the marketplace. Because of this we offer many programs and services to help provide a competitive. Our services include bankcard, debit card and foreign card processing, pre-paid cards, gift cards, check conversion, check guarantee and ATM machine placement, In addition to the standard debit & credit networks, we authorize Fleet, Corporate, Purchasing Cards, Petroleum Cards and EBT Government Cards.

Through innovation and experience, Meramak helps guide these businesses in managing the opportunities and risks associated with establishing and expanding their payment processing capabilities. In addition, our technological advances have effectively harnessed and exceeded the growing demands in the processing industry — allowing us to support nearly every vertical market with profitable business solutions.

Whether opening a new business or expanding an established one, we provide flexible and reliable products and services that enable merchants across the nation. As a merchant or prospective ISO/ISA office, we are your answer. Meramak is ready to take your business into the future!

- Meet the Team -

President and CEO: Richard Ward

Mr. Richard Ward has had a very successful and varied career that however disparate, focused on sales. He started his in retailing. He spent 5 years in management with the JJ Newberry Co. In 1960 he joined Prudential Insurance Co as a sales agent. In 1965 he began several successful retail stores. In 1974 he joined the family construction business. In 1990 he began working for Cardco as a bankcard agent. In 1991 he started his own ISA. He grew that business into a successful company with an in house sales force. In 1992 Meramak was formed and became an ISO. That started Meramak’s growth toward a nationally known company. Mr. Ward's sales spirit and entrepreneurial drive continue to move Meramak forward.

Vice-President of Operations: Terence Ward

Mr. Terence Ward earned both a Bachelor of Science in Physics (Stetson University, 1984) and a Master of Science in Physics (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1988). After earning these degrees he worked as an engineer and technical manager for the next 17 years. During his tenure in engineering he worked for companies with less than $1M/year in sales to companies with over $500M/year in sales. He worked in product development, quality control and manufacturing engineering. He worked on both hardware and software development. He started as an entry level engineer and worked himself up to a technical manager in charge of multi-million dollar projects.

It was with this background that Mr. Ward came to Meramak Bankcard in 2002. His technical background helps us to make decisions on new ventures and his process experience helps to guide our back office staff. His deep technical background and broad management and manufacturing experience are an inestimable asset to the company.

Vice-President of Business Development: Leo Tocci

Mr. Tocci served in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving in Cuba, Panama, Dominican Republic and multiple tours in Viet Nam. Upon being honorably discharged in 1968 Mr. Tocci entered the franchise market by becoming National Sales and Operations manager for three different major franchise chains. Mr. Tocci left this position in 1982 when he started in the Merchant Service Industry. He has worked with companies such as Peach Tree, Harbridge, Universal Merchant Services, Nabanco, Card Payment Systems and Card Service International and trained sales agents for each. In 1994 Mr. Tocci became sales and operations manager of Merchant services for Bergen Commercial Bank in Paramus, N.J. In 1995 Mr. Tocci and associates purchased the rights of the BIN and ICCA from Bergen Commercial Bank. As he was one of the working principals Mr. Tocci was completely in charge of all activities including but not limited to underwriting, chargebacks, risk, reports and training a sales force. This also required him to have complete knowledge of the front end and back end products. Mr. Tocci's vast knowledge in the industry became instrumental in negotiating agent contracts with Financial Institutions. In 1998 Mr. Tocci and associates sold the portfolio to Nova and at that time became an MSP/ISO office of Nova. In 2002 Mr. Tocci sold his shares of company and joined forces with Meramak Bankcard. He currently recruits and trains new and experienced agents in the correct way of promoting the merchant service industry. Mr. Tocci is aggressively pursuing financial institutions to become part of Meramak Bankcard's agent bank program.

Vice-President of Business Development: Kimberly Geczi

Kimberly Geczi joined Meramak as a VP in August of 2009. She has demonstrated the ability to create innovative sales strategies and marketing initiatives that reinforce the company’s mission, vision, and goals.  She is responsible for business development.  That role includes talent acquisition, VAR relationships, ISO and Sub-ISO recruitment and Relationship Management.  Her keen eye for detail, solid communication skills and analytical abilities allow her to work through issues, discuss and develop strategies with both agents and business owners  that not only enhance the merchant services solution, but also assist in focusing on the overall effectiveness of the entire payment acceptance process.

 In 1987  she was EVP and CFO of Gold Galore, NJ. Over seeing all buying, selling, franchising, import and export as well as the Development of National and International Partnerships. The successful sale of Gold Galore took place in 1993. From 1993 to 2004 Kimberly was President of Business Development  for W.O.L. Enterprise Inc.   Her responsibilities included the Brokerage of high quality racing/breeding/competitive equine stock. Development of international/national partnerships for the syndication of racing/breeding/competitive equine stock. Acquirement  of Sponsorships, Advertising & Promotions. During this time she was also the Owner/Manager of Destiny Stables, NJ, until its successful sale in 2005.

Sales and Marketing: Ken Malloy

Mr. Ken Malloy has over 18yrs experience in the Merchant Svc Industry all with Meramak mastering every aspect of the business in Sales, Marketing, Technical, and Customer Svc. Ken is extremely dedicated to his job, his Merchants, and his fellow Associates. Ken Malloy and Meramak Bankcard South (MBS) have all the tools needed to help make your business a success. “MBS/Meramak is not just a Credit Card Company anymore- let us show you the way!”